Tessera is a self-managed ticketing platform for independent venues seeking a greater degree of control without being locked in to a platform or a contract while being charged unnecessarily high fees.

Tessera Features

Dynamic Inventory

Ticket inventory flows between sales campaigns automatically

Payment Hardware

Sell tickets on-site with the integrated Stripe reader and point of sale

Scan Tickets

Check in customers by scanning QR codes with your phone - no app or special hardware required

Automate Everything

Workflow automation system powers integrations with your other business apps

Your Payment Gateway

Set your own payment gateway, set your own fees, set your own refund policy

Easy Presales

Flexible sales campaigns with passcodes and a wide range of options

Marketing Segmentation

Connect Tessera to your email marketing platform and sync contacts and tags for easy segmentation

WordPress Public Website

Use the most powerful website CMS to manage your website content and shows

We Work With

Music Venues

Performing Arts



  • You set and keep the fees (or charge none at all)
  • Serious features: ticket sales schedules, pre-sale, RSVP, seating charts, QR code scanning, box office point of sale card reader hardware, and much more
  • Integrated with an easy-to-manage WordPress front-end website hosted on a world-class, high performance cloud platform
  • Backed by the great web team at Tecture

What we have

  • Proven, tested, and reliable platform to sell tickets quickly and easily
  • Core features that you need to manage your events and tickets
  • Set your own ticket fees

We don't have

  • Outrageous per ticket fees
  • Contract terms with draconian provisions

How it works

In a nutshell: We design a website or integrate with your existing WordPress website, configure a Tessera instance, and train your staff in setting up shows and tickets. Tessera connects to your own payment gateway, so you are always in control of the funds.


We charge a simple monthly hosting fee for use of the platform.