Easy Presales

Tessera’s powerful campaigns feature is designed to make a wide range of ticket presales possible, with settings that include:

  • Maximum ticket quantity per order
  • Minimum ticket quantity per order
  • Maximum per campaign – use this to cap ticket sales at a certain level
  • Minimum per per campaign – use this to reserve a certain number of tickets for a campaign
  • Passcode for access
  • Visibility settings to show/hide campaign price before, during, and after sale
  • Start and end dates to start and end ticket sales automatically – unsold inventory flows to any remaining campaigns automatically when the campaign ends

Presale use cases include:

  • A presale campaign with a passcode
  • A limited time sale with a special price capped at a certain quantity
  • A presale campaign with a minimum order of 2 ticket
  • Day of show pricing
  • General public sale with reserved tickets to ensure there will be a certain amount of inventory available to the public after presales