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Add a new merch item is just like adding a new show — first you the item in WordPress, then set up pricing in Tessera.

Go to Merch in WordPress and click on Add Merch. You’ll be taken to this screen. 

  • Fill out the title and description. 
  • Upload an image. 
  • Click Yes box if you want to feature the merch.
  • Click on the appropriate Category.

Click Save and make a note of the post number. 

Import a show from WordPress into the ticketing system

Now go to Merch in Tessera and click on Add Merch.

Fill in the Post ID number and click Import.

  • Type is the specific product item. For a t-shirt, for instance, it might be women’s small. 
  • Image is optional. You can upload a different product image here.
  • Display order is the relative order this item will be displayed in the list of products.
  • Track inventory. If you choose to track inventory, you must enter a quantity of stock.
  • Max Quantity is the maximum number of items a customer can buy. This is optional.
  • Price is simply the price.
  • Sell Date and Time – you can select a time when this product goes on sale.
  • End Sell Date and Time – you can select a time when this product is no longer on sale.
  • Description is a description of the product.
  • Fee formula is the for calculating any additional fee.
  • Fee is any additional fee added to the price.
  • Disable Sales – turns off sales without deleting the item.

Once completed, your merch item will show the different products.

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