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How to Scan QR Codes

On a mobile device with a camera, log into Tessera. (tickets.mydomain.com) Your user account must have either Administrative or Will Call permissions. (We suggest using Safari for Apple devices and Chrome for all others.)

Navigate to the Will Call list for the show for which you are checking in guests. Click the Scan button. 

This activates the scanning screen on your device.

Click the Scan button on your device to start scanning. You will be prompted to allow the use of your camera. Click Allow. Scan each ticket one by one.

When the QR code is properly aligned within the scanner window, a green frame will appear with a short initial beep. The device will then “beep” or “boop” indicating scan success or failure. Scan one ticket at a time. There is a delay of two seconds between each scan to give the operator time to review the scan result.

A success message will appear below the scan window with information about the ticket.

A scan may be unsuccessful because the ticket is for a different show, or because the ticket has already been scanned.

Click the Stop button at the top of the screen to pause scanning. Log out of the system when done.

Additional Notes

We recommend using an up-to-date phone and browser to ensure the camera scanning support is enabled. 

We recommend having sound enabled, so you can hear when your device scans a QR code. A “beep” indicates that a QR code has been acquired. A lower pitched “boop” will be play only when there is a failure (due to ticket being invalid, for the wrong event or already admitted).

Please scan one ticket at a time. Since the camera can acquire multiple QR codes at a time, it’s important that you ensure only the ticket you want to scan is within the camera frame.

If a customer presents a ticket without a QR code, you can go back to the will call list to look them up and tap to admit them. Entries manually added to the guest list will not have QR codes.

If the QR fails to scan, you can reduce glare on the screen and make sure the camera can focus and that nothing is blocking the code. If not, go back to the will call list and tap to admit them.

On orders with multiple tickets it’s helpful to look at the count of tickets per that order that have been scanned.

Below is a test QR code you can use to ensure the camera and scanner is working properly.

This ticket is a development ticket and will intentionally fail when scanned.

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