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Set up Show and Ticket Types in Tessera

Import a show from WordPress into the ticketing system

  • Log into the ticketing website. 
  • Click “Shows” in the top navigation bar from the admin area.
  • Click “Add a Show” button on top.

  • Enter the post ID of the show and click Import.
    • The post ID can be found from WordPress admin:

  • If a show with that post ID has already been added it will simply be updated and will not create a second copy of the show.
  • Draft shows can be added to Tessera before they are published to the WordPress site.
    • We recommend that the show be imported to Tessera BEFORE publishing it on WordPress so that the ticket types show up correctly as soon as it’s shown to the public.
    • If any information changes about the show before it’s published, click the Sync button to import the latest details from WordPress

Set up Ticket Types

  • Once the show is imported into the ticketing system, ticket types must be assigned:

Typically you will click “Add Tickets” to add a new ticket type.

Fill out the following fields:

  • Ticket Type: This is the name of the type, visible in WordPress
  • Display Order: The order the type will display in (e.g. display order of 0 will go first, then 1, then 2, etc.). This is a temporary interface — vision is to have the ticket types be drag and drop for sorting.
  • Quantity: The total inventory of this type type.
  • Max Quantity: The maximum number of tickets that a customer can buy in one order.
  • Price: The ticket price before fees.
  • Door Price: The price the ticket will be sold for at the door.
  • Sell Date and Time, End Sell Date and Time: These options configure the times that the tickets will go on sale after clicking “Add Default Tickets”. For example, “60 Minutes After posting tickets” means if I add the tickets at 10 AM, they will be available for purchase at 11 AM. The end date determines when sales are cut off in relation to the time of the show.
  • Ticket Fee Formula: A dynamic formula that will make calculation of the ticket fee in relation to the price of the ticket automatic. The required parameter is {{price}}. This will be replaced with the price of the ticket in the calculation.
  • Disable Tickets: Prevents tickets from being sold and hides them from WordPress.

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