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Refund and Store Credit

You have four ways to refund a customer.  All refunds move refunded tickets back into your inventory.

  1. Credit card refund – if the tickets were purchased in full by credit card you may refund using credit card:
  1. Credit card refund, manual – Use this option for Credit card refunds that you’ve done manually through your payment gateway 

You will choose Credit Card, and choose Manual processing and enter the transaction ID from your payment gateway. 

  1. Coupon –  We consider this Store Credit – you can create a store credit coupon for a partial or full refund, the note field can be used to add necessary info:  Show Date and name for instance.  A coupon code is automatically created and will show in your coupon tab, as well as sent to your customer in their email refund receipt.
  1. Coupon (Store Credit) Manual – you can create a store credit coupon manually allowing you to create your own coupon code.  This is a feature to allow you to use coupon naming conventions that best serve your business needs. 

  1. Check – you’ve refunded your customer outside the system.  The notes field is available for your check number/internal note
  1. Cash – you’ve refunded your customer outside the system.  The notes field is available for your internal note for who approved/date etc

Store Credit (Coupon) Used:

You will be able to see in an order if a store credit was used as part of the purchase:

Coupon List shows the category of coupon, (Store Credit/Promotion) the coupon code and number of uses:


Because a store credit is monies already paid to you, is it treated as cash by the system.  Purchases made by store credit will be shown on the show orders page as a cash payment, and will indicate in the payment type.

You will also see the payment on the downloadable CSV 

Refund Email for Store Credit has coupon code included


Store Credit

Refunding orders that have tickets and merchandise, depending on your accounting practice, it may be best to create two refunds, one for the merch and one for the show tickets. 

Refunds of an order that was purchased with a store credit

If a Store Credit has been applied to a purchase and then a refund is requested for this new purchase, the system will not allow you to refund the full amount (as part was paid by store credit).  You have a variety of options to refund:

  • you can refund the amount that was paid by credit card and then create a manual coupon for the original store credit (you will need to process this in “coupons” and communicate with your customer for the code)
  • you can create a store credit coupon for the entire amount
  • you can refund outside the system by cash or check

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